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About Australia

Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world. The population of Australia is saturated mainly along the eastern and southeastern coasts. The geography of the continent is pretty diverse with snow-capped mountains, large deserts, tropical and temperate forests. The nearby countries include Indonesia, East Timor, Papua and New Zealand.

Major parts of Australia are arid or semi-arid. The Mainland consists of deserts with low rainfall and high temperature. South-east and south-west parts have a temperate climate and somewhat fertile soil. The northern part of the continent has a tropical climate, part of which is tropical rainforests and the other part deserts.
Australia is ranked as the third most popular destination for international students in the English-speaking world, apart from the US and the UK. Many international students prefer Australia due to its cultural diversity, friendly people, great quality of education and unmatched job opportunities.

When people think of Australia, they think of kangaroos, koalas, clean air and water. Australia has so much to offer. Most of the international students across the globe are choosing to study in Australia because of its friendly, quality driven, excellent education system, and of course high standard of living.

It is recommended that students aspiring to study abroad take a deep dive into the entire journey, from the preparation, the courses and the admission process, to the paperwork and the visas.

Top Courses in Australia

Top Courses in Australia

Price Range

Business Management






Accounting and Finance




Health Management

25000- 35000


As an international student, you are liable to pay complete tuition fees for your selected course in Australia. For an undergraduate bachelor degree, the range can be between A$17,000 and A$37,000. And for a master’s degree, the range can be between A$20,000 and A$40,000, while for a doctoral degree, the range can be anywhere between A$14,000 and A$40,000.

Australia is known for having a great reputation for higher education across the globe. It has one of the world’s largest percentages of higher education qualified students. Not only this, Australia also has very high literacy and education rates. It offers a world class education system with high quality of education at fair tuition fees.

In Australia, there are 37 government funded universities and 2 private universities. There are also a number of other specialist institutions. In 2019, 25 Australian institutions were a part of QS World University Rankings top 500, out of which 7 of them are in the top 100 rankings. The highest ranked university in Australia is The Australian National University (ANU), which is placed at 24th, followed by the University of Melbourne, which is at 39th, and then the University of Sydney, which is at 42nd position.

Australia has been seen as one of the most welcoming countries with a diverse population. It is interesting to note that almost half of the population in Australia have either of the parents born overseas or they are born overseas. At present, there are more than 260 languages being spoken in Australia! It will be a great opportunity to study and live in a country with so much of diversity and opportunities.

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